Felling Permits (environmental permits):

If you would like to remove a mature tree from your garden, it might be necessary to apply for a felling permit with your local council. The regulations for felling trees can vary per council. In some councils valuable trees have been placed on a tree list. For those trees a permit is required. Trees not included in this list, do not require a permit.

An exception can be a tree which is in an area under landscape protection. In other councils an environmental licence is required for felling any tree with a trunk diameter of more than 20 cm. The environmental permit can be downloaded from your local council’s website. There are fees associated with these environmental permits that differ per council.


In Hilversum, the council applies the following rules:


You need to determine the diameter or circumference of the tree trunk at 1.30 m from the ground. If the diameter is more than 20 cm, or the circumference more than 63 cm, you will require an environmental permit. The time between application of a permit and it being approved is typically 6 to 8 weeks, and thus, when planning a new garden it is essential to apply for the licence well in advance. On our website (under Downloads) you can download all the necessary forms from the Hilversum council webpage.

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