Garden Irrigation

Irrigation system: Green Star Hoveniers can provide expert advice on the installation of an irrigation system in your garden. Watering the plants and / or the lawn yourself is a time-consuming task. During dry summers, holiday periods or for newly landscaped gardens an irrigation system is a great solution. Dragging hoses around the garden will become a thing of the past and you can save water because the irrigation system uses water more efficiently.


An irrigation system can be connected to the outside tap. The water pressure on the tap will determine how many sets of sprinklers you would need. When you are away on holiday the irrigation computer automatically regulates irrigation: you don`t have to worry about a thing. The computer can also be programmed to irrigate automatically during the summer period or not at all if it is raining.


The irrigation system will be built with frost resistant material. It consists of pop-up sprinklers hidden in the lawn that pop up as a result of the water pressure and nebulisers that create a mist to water the plants. If required, the system can be extended with automatic drippers which is suitable for plats in pots, planters or annuals in the border. Along hedges and rosebeds, water dripping pipes are used, which will remain above ground.


Another option for water supply is to drill a well. In some councils this requires planning permission. The advantage of having your own well is that there is an unlimited and free supply of water. However, installing the irrigation system will be more complex and more costly. Eventually, however, the investment will pay off. A thing to consider is the possible presence of iron in the groundwater, which will turn the water brown. In that case, the water can only be used following filtration. It is worthwhile to consider that the water from the well can also be used to wash your car or indoors.


If the garden is yet to be built, hoses can easily be dug in during the ground work. When pipes must be buried into an existing situation this will be more time consuming and costly. The installation of an irrigation system is cheaper in a new situation and is often included directly during construction.

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