Tree Care

For safety reasons, taller trees should be monitored every five years. By professionally pruning the tree, safety is ensured. Tree maintenance may further include deadwooding and/or thinning of the crown or canopy, to let more light into your garden.


In addition, as the owner of the tree, you have a duty of care, meaning you are liable for any damage as a result of overdue maintenance. By ensuring your trees are pruned according to the VTA (Visual Tree Assessor) guidelines you fulfil the duty of care.


Pruning tall trees is specialised work. Using appropriate climbing tools, the tree is safely pruned at high altitude. Heavy branches are lifted from the tree by ropes.


If you choose to remove a tree completely, we will check for you whether this is possible without a felling permit (environmental permit) or not.


When replanting in the same location, the stump can be cut away. The wood from the treetrunk can often be sawn into suitable pieces for your fire place and log storage.

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