Michel Ligterink: After successfully completing his degree at the horticultural college, and gaining several years’ experience at a renowned gardening firm Michel Ligterink started up his own garden design studio and landscaping business in 1996. From the office in Hilversum authentic garden designs for both small and large projects are realised. Over the years, Michel Ligterink and “Green Star Hoveniers” have built up a loyal and divers clientele.

“The right balance between the lines of the house and the garden is at the heart of every good design, as it creates tranquillity. Each garden and every situation is different and thus calls for unique and creative solutions every time“


Typical of Michel’s designs are the high level of quality and the use of natural materials. Your finished garden will be a haven of tranquillity, practical, making the best use of the available space and full of atmosphere.


Michel will guide you through the entire process from design to realisation. In addition, he can advise you on the choices of outdoor lighting, matching garden furniture and suitable ornaments.

Vision and Philosphy

Green Star Hoveniers have a unique vision when it comes to designing gardens. A garden is an extension of the living environment in your house. It is therefore important to translate the experience of living in the house to the garden. Experience, clear communication, careful working practices and expertise ensure a high quality design and sustainable execution. Because of this approach you can enjoy your garden throughout the year and at any moment of the day.


We value our personal contact with you as our client above all else, and as a result of this have many longstanding relationships with our clientele, based on trust.

Please contact us for an appointment without any obligations