Private Garden Maintenance

A carefully landscaped garden remains in the best possible shape when it is regularly and expertly looked after. An enthusiastic amateur gardener can perform most tasks themselves, however, you might not have the time or perhaps you do not have green fingers!

During the first year after the garden has been landscaped, the plants are still very fragile. They thus need extra attention. Trees, shrubs and perennials are still forming a root structure. To achieve the desired end-result you could decide to ask Green Star Hoveniers to perform this first-year maintenance for you.

Green Star Hoveniers specialise in the maintenance of private gardens.
Regular maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal enjoyment of your garden.


Examples of the services we offer are:


  • Weed control.
  • High-pressure cleaning of pavements and decking.
  • Periodic pruning and / or cutting.
  • Tree care.
  • Mowing contracts and / or lawn maintenance.
  • Pond care.
  • Disease and pest control.
  • Preparing planters.
  • Planting bulbs.
  • Mowing and / or watering service during your holiday.
  • Removal of organic garden waste.

It is possible to let us carry out garden maintenance for you for instance in spring or autumn. You decide the frequency and type of maintenance yourself.


Green Star Hoveniers offer flexible and made-to-measure maintenance contracts. We will contact you for an appointment prior to the scheduled maintenance.

Please contact us for an appointment without any obligations