Lawn Care

If you think a neat-looking lawn is important, some lawn maintenance will be required each spring. You can choose to perform these tasks yourself or ask a professional gardener to perform them for you, When the grass starts growing (April), it is wise to scarify it. This will remove any mosses from the lawn and aerates it. The scarification action can leave the lawn looking rather bare. It will then require sand and compost. After this it grass seed is sowed. The lawn can be fertilized with blood and feather meal, or with cow manure. Later in the spring, when the sown grass has started to grow, the unwanted weeds in the lawn can be addressed.


One of the most important aspects of the maintenance, is the frequency of mowing.

The mowing season is from April through November. Once a week the grass is mowed to a height of 3 to 4 cm. In the summer, and during prolonged droughts, the lawn should be irrigated. This can be done manually or with an irrigation system.


In the autumn, it is important to remove the leaves from the lawn in order to avoid acidification of the soil and to ensure that the lawn receives sufficient light. On an acidic soil, mosses grow easily. In winter, chalk has to be sprinkled, which counteracts acidification of the top soil.

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