Your garden will be built based on a professional design. We provide a well-planned preparation and implementation of the work. In close consultation with you, the garden will be realised without any interruption.


Green Star Hoveniers’ employees are skilled gardeners with a lot of enthusiasm for their profession. They have knowledge, skill and experience. Whether renovating or building a garden, we differentiate ourselves in:


  • Executing the design based on a protocol.
  • Aligning the planting design to your wishes.
  • Implementing multiple types of materials.
  • Expertise with different types of paving.
  • Implementing well thought-out lighting plans.
  • Installing computer controlled irrigation systems.
  • Placing property boundaries.
  • Knowledge of soil types and fertilisation.
  • Installing play equipment.
  • Offering advice regarding your rights in disputes with neighbours, felling permits and the land register.
  • Constructing of architectural elements, such as swimming pools, water features, ponds and so on.
  • Groundwork and crane support. Using the correct equipment during construction will result in lower costs and faster execution.

For some examples of our landscaping projects for private gardens or companies and institutions, please refer to our photo gallery. You can, of course, also hire us for less substantial tasks. It is often possible to achieve significant improvements to your garden with some small adjustments.


For expert advice, please contact us for an appointment without any obligations

Please contact us for an appointment without any obligations.