Any garden design starts with an introductory meeting and a visit to your garden, of course without any obligations. Your requirements and possibilities are discussed to create a provisional plan, which forms the basis for the design.


At this stage, we can discuss any colour preferences you might have and translate those to a planting scheme.


Following this initial conversation you can decide to have a design to scale drawn up. This design will be free of charge if you decide to place the construction of your garden with Green Star Hoveniers.


A design to scale is important to give a clear idea of the size of your garden and establishing a budget.


When creating a design for you we take your wishes into account with respect to: practicality, child friendliness, spaciousness, ease of maintenance, creation of perspective/depth, or application of symmetrical or asymmetrical patterns

Thanks to our expertise and years of experience we are on hand to offer professional advice.


The following are important when considering a new garden design:


Sun: The position of the garden relative to the sun is important in deciding where to situate your seating area(s).

Position and choice of materials: Your garden is an extension of your home. Harmony between these two is essential. Click on this link for examples of paving materials. Naturally, we will guide you through the wide range of choices and can advise you in making the right one.


Property boundaries:
Depending on the amount of privacy you would wish for your garden, there is a choice of natural or artificial boundaries such as hedges or fences.


Style of planting:
You can choose from different styles such as romantic, classic, contemporary, French, English, etc. Your preference for blossom and leaf colour and / or fruit trees is also important. It is worthwhile to note that the choice of plants will have an effect on the maintenance requirements for your garden.

A lawn gives the impression of a larger space and could also be used as a play area for the children. Alternatively, you might prefer a combination of borders and patios.


Irrigation systems and drilling your own water well:
These are worth considering, especially when it is a new garden being built. For more information regarding irrigation systems please click on the link.


Construction elements:
Pools, playground equipment, sheds, ponds, brickwork etc, can also be included in your garden.


Garden furniture, lighting and ornaments:
With a design it is important to take into account the ability to complement the garden design with furniture, lighting and ornaments from a variety of high-quality brands.


It is a good idea to establish early on how much you would like to spend on the construction of your garden and adjust your wishes accordingly. If you would prefer, the construction of your garden can be financed and the interest rate is fully tax deductible. Investing in a well landscaped garden will increase the value of your home.


During a second appointment we can discuss the design and quotation.
The planting plan will be explained and shown to you using examples.
Of course, any modification can still be made at this point. Together with you we will schedule and discuss the timelines of the build and of course we guarantee proper follow-up care and warranty.

Please contact us for an appointment without any obligations