Structural Elements

When creating a design for your garden, we also take into account any structural elements in the garden. This may include functional elements, such as a garage or a shed but also ones with a more aesthetic value, such as pergolas or arbours. It is also possible to install so-called wellness components, such as swimming pools, saunas and jacuzzis. Please see below a summary of some image defining elements:


Platforms, levels and retaining structures: These may be necessary should the way the garden is situated require it. Even if not, it is possible to create these, so several flower beds are located higher. This is recommended, especially for a larger garden to achieve a more interesting panorama in winter. For smaller gardens this is less suitable. Maintaining the optical spatial effect is more important in that case.

Arbours, arches and pergolas: These provide height elements in the garden which is important to create depth and can be planted with climbers or espaliers. Arbours and pergolas provide natural shade for south-facing seating areas. They do require a lot of care, and should therefore be well integrated in the garden’s design.


Shed or garden storage box: This is useful for bikes, children’s toys, garden furniture etc. These smaller items can be covered with plants; for instance behind a hedge, or, alternatively be painted or stained in a dark colour, which makes it less prominent. A summerhouse on the contrary, should stand out. A permit for erecting one may be necessary.

Playground equipment: To entertain your children, playground equipment can come in handy. You could use a separate area of the garden to place these in. A low hedge between the patio and the play area is a good solution to separate these two parts of the garden. This way you keep a clear view of your children, while at the same time achieving separating this specific area of the garden from the rest. A removable sandpit, preferably with a lid, is also practical. If it is not in use, it can be stored away and the play sand can be very easily replaced in springtime. Other examples include: Swings, trampolines and climbing frames.

Swimming pools: The correct position of a swimming pool is important. Electrical cables for the swimming pool must be laid during the construction. The location of the cables can be taken into account during the design stage. We advise to make several appointments at reputable companies to familiarise yourself with what is available. The cost and quality of swimming pools vary greatly.


Jacuzzi: A jacuzzi is a good example of adding some wellness to your garden. A jacuzzi takes up less space than a swimming pool and is often warmer in temperature. For the heating system, you will require an electricity cable to your fuse box.

Ponds: It is advisable to place a pond near a terrace. There is much to see in and around a pond. The best place for the pond itself is in partial shade. A pond is a major investment, but will last for years.

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